Saturday, November 20, 2010

Information for e-newsletter Vol.3, No.3, December 2010

Sub: Information for e-newsletter Vol.3, No.3, December 2010
Dear Members,
You are requested to send information to e-newsletter before November 30, 2010 which is going to be released by the mid of December, 2010. Please send information about your research activities, publications, visits to abroad or other places, seminars attended, presented papers, etc and about your organization/Institute’s conference, seminars, and all academic activities which can be shared by IASSH family. If you are having event photos, please send in jpg format.
Last Date: November 30, 2010.
Please do not send your bio data. Give latest information by item/event wise<.
For earlier issues of e-newsletters:
If this is a repeat message, treat this as second time.



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