Sunday, November 15, 2009

Information for e-newsletter: Vol 2, No.3

Dear Member

Information for e-newsletter: Vol 2, No.3 December 2009

Calendar pages are rolling out and we are reaching end of the year , touching Seventh Issue of IASSH e-newsletter (Vol2,No.3) ,going to be released first week of December 2009.You are requested to send information about seminars attended, conducted, papers presented, lectures delivered, papers published, research projects completed, approved, received grants, thesis submitted (with one page abstract), and many more about your academic achievements, your organization developments, etc and web links ,important photos and many more to be shared by IASSH family. You should make all efforts to send by 25th November 2009, so that you will have e-newsletter Vol2, No.3 by December 1, 2009 in your mail box.

Your academic information will reach outside world within no time if you reach in time (25 November, 2009).


Send your registration fee to: “COORDINATOR CSSEIPBHU”, SBI, A/c No: 30924604772, BHU Campus, Varanasi. Visit website for registration form:

Send your abstract e-mail to:



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Saturday, November 14, 2009

IASSH Seventh Conference

Dear All,

INDIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES announces Seventh Conference with the theme “HEALTH, POVERTY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT”. SEVENTH IASSH CONFERENCE venue is Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UP 221005 India and the dates: 5-7 March, 2010.

Important Dates: Last date for submission of abstract January 5, 2010

Conference Date: 5-7, March, 2010

Visit: for registration form and other details.

Main Theme: Health, Poverty and Human Development

Symposia Themes:
1. Health, Poverty and Human development Interrelationships 2. Communication
Strategies for attainment of MDGs for health and human development, 3. Public Policies to Improve Health and Human Development

Technical Sessions:

T1. Inequalities in Health and Human Development

T1.1 Globalization and its impact on Health and Human Development

T1.2 Inequalities in Health and Human Development and Attainment of MDGs

T1.3 Social Exclusion and Poverty

T2. Gender, Health and Poverty:

T2.1 Gender Inequalities in Health and Poverty

T2.2 Gender, Health and Human Development

T2.3 Women and child Nutrition and Poverty eradication

T3. HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Human Development:

T3.1 AIDS Poverty and human development

T3.2 Health and Poverty among the PLHIV, marginalized Group/communities

T4. Strategies and Programs:

T4.1 Health, Human Rights and Poverty Reduction Strategies

T4.2 Case Studies: Policy Responses and Actions for Health and Human Development

T4.3 International Programs on Poverty alleviation and human development

T5. Environment, Health and Poverty

T5.1 Urban Poverty, Health and Environmental linkages

T5.2 Environmental degradation and Health

T6. Measurement:

T6.1 Measuring Poverty, Health and Human Development

T6.2 Human development index and well being


Yours, Prakasam, Secretary, IASSH, 14 November, 2009