Monday, March 23, 2009

Minutes of the General Body Meeting-IASSH

Minutes of the General Body Meeting

The General Body meeting of IASSH was held on 8th March 2009 at Pondicherry University, with Dr K.E.Vaidyanathan, President chairing the meeting to discuss following Agenda items:
1. To review the work done during 2008-2009.
2. To propose to constitute Board of Trustees
3. To bring amendment to consider the position of Secretary and Treasurer as two separate positions.
4. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

Agenda item: 1

Dr. Prakasam, Secretary explained that during the last year IASSH website and IASSH logo has been prepared. Annual website hosting chargers are Rs.3500 for 25 mb space. The IASSH Membership increased from 186 to 362 since previous Bhubaneswar annual conference. Among the 164 members enrolled during the year 2008-2009, 130 were life members and remaining 34 were annual members. Efforts made by the EC members in enrolling new members have been acknowledged.

Agenda item: 2

Keeping in view the sustainability of the association and development of corpus fund, it has been proposed to constitute “Board of Trustee” consisting of seven members of which three permanent members, two elected members and President and Secretary from the EC (Seven).It has been proposed by Dr. P. K. B. Nayar and seconded by Dr. U. V. Somayajulu.

Proposal has been accepted in principle and it has been suggested to frame the bye laws and put before the next EC/General body meeting. This work has been assigned to Dr. U. V. Somayajulu EC member.
Agenda item: 3

Dr. Prakasam, Secretary and Treasurer explained in brief the hurdles in management of accounts, organization, website, e-newsletter and proposed “Secretary, Treasurer” as two separate positions. The Executive Committee approved the proposal to consider Secretary and Treasurer as two separate positions and suggested to co-opt one member up to next General Body meeting (2010) and later fill the position by electing suitable person. This was proposed by Dr. Vignesh Bhat and seconded by Dr. A. P. Deshpande.
As a co-opted member, the Committee proposed Dr. D. Balaiah (Mumbai) and Dr. D. Balaiah agreed to help the Secretary.

Agenda Item 4:

Under any other mater with the permission of chair, it has been suggested to hold next conference in Hyderabad. The theme of the conference was discussed and Dr. G. Subba Rao (NIN, HYD) suggested that “Nutrition” should be incorporated as one of the important themes. Dr. Vignesh Bhat and Dr.K.R.Nayar suggested possible hosting organizations at Hyderabad and willing to extend their cooperation in this matter.

The Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair.



Monday, March 2, 2009

Sixth IASSH Conference-Details

Please visit iassh website for Programme of Sixth IASSH conference and list of oral presenters or click following link: