Saturday, December 6, 2008

3rd National Course on Violence against Women

3rd National Course on Violence against Women And the role of health care providers,13th - 21st January 2009
The 3rd National Course on “Violence against women and role of health care providers (HCP's)”. The course is designed to provide participants an understanding on Violence Against Women (VAW) as a health and human rights issue and train them to respond to specific needs of victims of violence. Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Health activists, are encouraged to participate.
Understand violence as a public health and human rights issue.
Understand discrimination based on caste, class, community and gender, its root causes.
Reflect on different forms of violence and its causes.
Understand the health consequences of VAW.
Identify the role of health professionals in dealing with victims of violence from a public health and ethics perspective.
Build specific skills required to communicate with victims of violence.
Understand the need of inter-sectoral coordination like, legal, police, shelter and other organisations.
Medium Of the course: Englsih, Hindi
Registration fee: Rs. 5000/- The cost of food and accommodation will be borne by us. Travelling expenses have to be borne by participants. In case of any financial constraints, do write to us as we could offer some fellowships.
Deadline for submission of application: 30th December, 2008
Venue: Y.M.C.A. International, 18, YMCA Road, Mumbai Central, Mumbai - 400008.
The completed application form properly endorsed by the applicant?s institution, should be sent to:

Nidhi and Rashmi
Coordination Team for the CoursePehel, CEHAT's research and training initiative on VAWFlat No. 203, Second FloorChurchview Co-operative Society Ltd.St. Anthony's Street, VakolaSantacruz (East), Mumbai 400 055